Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trip Down Memory Lane

I cleaned out my old high school/college backpack so Josie could use it for an upcoming trip.

I found Scrabble tiles that my first RA in college put on our doors; my college id and combination to my mailbox; a business card for the jewelry store where I purchased Doug's wedding band; a receipt for the dining room table we purchased before we got married; my achievement badges from ice skating lessons I took while Doug was in law school; an unused promotional card for Arby's (I don't think I've ever eaten there); and an assortment of pens, paperclips and old candy.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Full House, Full of Blessings

"Your house will look better, if you decorate it with friends.  They are the ornaments that will give it more attraction and cheer than all others combined.  Nothing is comparable to the living ornaments that breathe so much warmth into plain quarters."

So thankful for this day spent with a dear friend and her brood of little girls.