Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Busy Saturday Part Two: Touch-A-Truck 2014

The Voice of Reason felt like one adventure a day was enough, but tears from the youngest son made him give way and we swung by Touch-A-Truck, too. 

In the early years there were free t-shirts and pizza; the economy slumped and those things fell by the wayside.  But year after year you can count on the fire trucks and cherry pickers; bus and big rig (candy); garbage truck and skid steer; and motorcycles courtesy of the "Christian Motorcycle Gang."  And who can grow tired of that?

Busy Saturday Part One: Aboard the LST

The big news around town is the brief visit of the LST 325, a circa WWII ship that carried men and tanks to the shores on DDay. 
We headed out early Saturday morning to beat the crowds, but there was still quite a wait.  Thankfully a local military vehicle group brought some of their treasures that the kids were able to examine while we waited for our turn to board.


I cannot even imagine what those young men must have been thinking as they headed out of this ship onto the shore in the midst of gunfire.

One veteran answering questions along the way mentioned that he was 17 on a ship in the South Pacific.  A mere kid.

I wish we had had a guided tour, but we still enjoyed the chance to go back in time.

I'm thinking that we just need a bunk room like this for the boys.  Personal space is overrated.
 For the kids, however, the highlight was the BrickMania exhibit: a 500,000 LEGO piece replica of the ship and a diorama of a beach landing.

 When we arrived home, they immediately set to work making their own LST and accompanying vehicles. 

 It was an exciting start to the day, but there was more fun to come.