Friday, February 27, 2015

Makeshift Mudroom

This week's weather and subsequent amount of garments needed has me thinking mudrooms.
I don't need anything grand, just a place to house shoes and coats.
Maybe with a checkerboard floor reminiscent of my grandparent's kitchen.
And place with a bench to sit and put on those shoes.
And something like this
 or this
or this would also solve the Outdoor Laundry Room Conundrum.
And lots of natural light, too, please (but no cats, thank-you-very-much).
Alas, I have found no magic genie to grant my wish so we make do as best we can and give thanks that there are so many little hands and feet and bodies around to wear this gear.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Third Time's a Charm

I realize I didn't post anything about Snow Day #2 because it was a .5 inch and quickly washed away by rain (and, really, Snow Day #1 wasn't anymore than that).  But last night, we hit the jackpot.

I've learned not to put much stock into weather forecasts and we never watch the local news.  But this time felt different, and we dutifully made a trek to the store for provisions "just in case." 

We waited and waited and waited.  And then it started.

Small flakes but lots of them that added up to a yard full of fun.

The kids played until 7 and then there was excited talk about plans for the next day.

Doug and I took measurements as the landmarks slowly faded under a white blanket.  A last glance at Facebook (to see how others were faring) noted a stranded churchmember nearby, and like my parents have done on multiple occasions, we took in an overnight guest who couldn't make it home.

The morning dawned bright. 

We are so blessed to be where we are for a multitude of reasons, but today it was the sunrise. 

We are situated in a valley between a large hill and a mountain.

 The sun rises behind the hill and reflects off the rocky mountain top, and today it was gorgeous.

The kids scarfed downs some toast and were OUT!

Doug and I wrestled Katherine into some miscellaneous leftover snow gear for her first real experience with white stuff.

Unlike her reaction to sand, she liked it!

The boys set to work on a snow fort/igloo.

The rest of us started in on The Happy Snowcouple.

But in the south, we know how to do it right: don't overstay your welcome.

By late afternoon, all the boys plans to sleep in their creation were dashed when the structure collapsed under the power of the sun's rays.
And there wasn't anything left of last night's snowmen save a lone carrot.

But it was Real. 

And it was Fun. 

It was Real Fun.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Day 2015

Snow is a rare occurrence around here so you gotta grab it when you can. 
The girls and I made playdough but the boys jumped right in once the snow was gone.
 Then we brought out the scissors for paper snowflakes.  Jonathan apparently didn't remember ever doing this and was quite obsessed with the concept.
And Andrew's favorite?  Edible snowflakes!
It's the same concept as paper snowflakes: fold and cut
(if using flour tortillas; corn tortillas are easier to just cut).
Then fry to crispy deliciousness.
And sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar.
Stephen contributed a LEGO snowflake, of course.
It was a perfect day of fun activities and a welcome break the usual routine.