Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Pie Feast

Thanksgiving and pies just go hand-in-hand so why not host a celebration dedicated to this humble food?

 Years ago we attended a weekly co-op that held a Pie Feast the week before Thanksgiving.  It was simple:  bring your own lunch and a pie to share.

It was always fun to participate, and it's one of those things we've missed.  So after reading a reference to another Pie Feast last week, I decided it was time to host our own.

A simple message out to our church small group, a trip to the grocery store, and the baking began: savory (tomato pie featuring the last of our vine-ripened crop and a cottage pie) and sweet (apple, coconut cream, and chocolate whoopie pies).  Others brought chicken pot pie, pumpkin, pie and sweet potato pie.

And it was a roaring success!  Our little house was a full-to-bursting with some of our favorite people, feasting on good food and catching up on life.  Yet another time of gratitude in this Thanksgiving season!